Productos Citrosol S.A. (Citrosol) is a company located in Potries (Valencia, Spain), specialized in the development of advanced postharvest solutions for fruit and vegetables. More than 50 years of experience make Citrosol a benchmark in the field of postharvest technology to protect fruit and vegetables, allowing long periods of transport between harvest and consumption, reducing environmental costs and ensuring food safety. An intense career marked by strong innovative character and scientific knowledge has enabled Citrosol develop accurate solutions, that reduce variability in industrial applications and achieve maximum homogeneity in the results. With a permanent team of R&D made of 6 PhDs, 5 graduates and 4 technicians, Citrosol is constantly working on new projects to find out new solutions for our customers.

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Over recent years CITROSOL has developed postharvest solutions that protect the fruit, retaining its freshness during long periods of transit between harvest and consumption, reducing environmental costs and guaranteeing food safety. CITROSOL’s solutions contribute to sustainable development in our society.

More than 50 years’ experience and continuous learning have made CITROSOL a benchmark in the sector of fruit technology and postharvest treatments. A great track record, with a distinctly innovative style and underpinned by a scientific approach, has enabled us to develop precision treatments that lead the field in their ability to reduce the variability in industrial application. All this thanks to the hard work of an extremely innovative, highly trained, tried and tested, multidisciplinary team with a great eye for detail.

The 200 million tons of citrus fruit treated throughout our company’s history have done much more than satisfy hundreds of clients all over the world. They have helped us to bring about continual improvements to our solutions and develop new postharvest systems which are even more effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly.



CITROSOL is the sum of the human and professional values contributed by more than seventy-five professionals, assigned to cover specific areas. Areas specializing in Biology and postharvest Technology, Electro-mechanics and Engineering, Quality Management, Chemistry and Microbiology, all of which give us the ability to offer increasingly effective and efficient solutions. An amazing, multidisciplinary, team coupled with a matrix organization structure achieve the objectives that both our clients and society demand.



This is our new motto, and is the driving force behind CITROSOL’s success. Postharvest fungicides, biocides, coatings and waxes, processing aids, combined with our application and control systems, are the tools that allow us to sell solutions to maintain and extend the freshness of your fruit, so that they reach the consumer full of flavor and in peak condition; as though they had picked them themselves… After all, the consumer “harvests” the produce directly from the supermarket shelf. Your produce will arrive in the best condition possible no matter the distance transported.



Quite simply we believe in RDI (Research Development and Innovation).

It’s in our blood and permeates through our experimental work and scientific development, providing the foundation for our growth. This firm belief enables us to stay one step ahead in the development of postharvest solutions.

CITROSOL is currently the company that contributes the most and the best resources to technological innovation. Our laboratory is equipped with modern analytical equipment and testing systems but above all, we have an outstanding scientific team in the field of biology and postharvest technology, with a series of scientific publications to their name, who are devoted to the maintenance of strict scientific standards and adherence to the truth.

We have agreements and collaborations with various Universities and Research Centers, both Spanish and foreign, to develop increasingly effective and efficient solutions, within a framework of the continuous improvement of postharvest systems in packinghouses and processing facilities.

CITROSOL develops innovative solutions built on scientific know-how. We also share the results of our research within the scientific community and with society at large.



Nature is the origin of everything. It is the source of the world’s wealth and we must all respect and cherish it.

Every one of our projects, without exception, seeks to add value to the fruit, for our clients and for society, by reducing energy costs and/or the environmental impact. Our advances demonstrate that the three pillars of sustainability (people, the planet and economic growth) are not only compatible, but synergetic.

CITROSOL acts responsibly and with dedication to develop the most sustainable solutions on the market. Solutions that guarantee minimum impact on the environment and maximum impact on our clients’ sales.



CITROSOL started in the Valencian region of La Safor, but quickly expanded its horizons to serve demand from clients in other countries.

More than 50 years after the start of our business and the development of the first fungicide formulas, CITROSOL is now the leading (Post-harvest Solutions) company in the Spanish home market and is very well established internationally. Today we have BRANCH OFFICES in Andalucía, Murcia and Castellon, DISTRIBUTORS in Girona, Leon, Lleida and Zaragoza and we are present in all major citrus producing countries, such as Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and others; all this to provide our clients with the best possible service.